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Cardiovascular for the Pediatric Anesthesiology Boards

Anatomy and Physiology
Prenatal & Postnatal development

-Fetal Transitional and adult circulation

Cardiovascular effects on anesthetic uptake & delivery

-Anesthetic effects on the CV system
-vasoactive medication

Disease states

-acyanotic lesions
-cyanotic lesions
-pulmonoary hypertension
-infections diseases
-pericardial disease
-intracardiac masses
-arrhythmic lesions

Anesthesiology for Cardiac Surgery

-Complete anatomic and physiologic reparis
-Single Ventricle Procedures
-Palliation surgery
-Management and Consequences of CPB (cardiopulmonary bypass)
-deep hypothermic circulatory arrest
-anesthesia for pacemaker/implantable cardiac defibrillator insertions and replacement
-anesthesia for adults with congenital heart disease
-cardiopulmonary resuscitation

List obtained from the American Board of Anesthesiology's Pediatric Anesthesiology Exam Content Outline

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